How to Win with Big Brands in 2021

Building a digital marketing strategy for big brands may seem straightforward – most large brands are already fairly well-known across the country. However, making a big brand relatable to different demographics poses a challenge for even the best marketing team. Managing internet marketing for an enterprise organization is complex, and while an enterprise-level client can easily turn into a long-term relationship, coordinating marketing operations isn’t a task for beginners.

Enterprise Marketers

Enterprise clients often have several distinct brands. Managing the marketing strategies for each brand, while getting the C-level support for certain long-range strategies, means that everyone must be one the same page.

Cohesive digital marketing strategies incorporate the full customer journey while preserving the distinct “voice” of each brand. Thus, small, short term marketing strategies may be going on at the same time as larger, content-driven long-term strategies. An enterprise digital analytics platform helps create campaigns that engage each demographic that uses the brand.

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Look To Expert Advice

The Digital Marketing Depot has a wealth of information that can help the marketing team handling an enterprise client to find the best avenues to reach each demographic the brand addresses. Tips such as learning to create order within a marketing team in times of chaos may be especially helpful, especially for enterprise clients who are undergoing a time of flux.

The key to determining the success of digital marketing efforts is quantification, and this is done through analytics of customer behavior. Understanding what to measure is just as important as being able to read the results and determine the success or failure of each phase of brand awareness. Setting up a marketing strategy with metrics to measure customer behavior, the number of touch points before conversion and customer retention is vital to finding the right digital marketing strategies for a big brand.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Whether you are ecommerce or lead generation focused, digital marketing strategies for enterprise organizations take a few different forms. Both SEO and PPC, require a significant amount of time investment and strategic planning to generate the best possible results on Google or other search engines. Content marketing should be managed closely, with fresh posts for each brand story that engage users and enhance their lives. Fresh content delivers better results from search query returns, thereby attracting more customers.

Other digital marketing strategies can be automated. These can include tweets and Facebook posts that highlight recent developments, encourage users to visit a brand’s site, or engage in a poll and offer ways for users to share their own experiences with a brand.

Determining which tasks to use marketing automation and which ones need oversight by a small marketing team is the key to integrating long-term and short-term branding strategies. Ideally, the shorter campaigns will reinforce the long-term initiatives and help nudge customers along the sales funnel. The long-term strategies are more brand-building and will need more supervision and engagement.

Using a comprehensive digital marketing platform can help brand teams stay organized and ensure that content is released promptly. The right online marketing platform can help your marketing team analyze the success of different campaigns and create a seamless marketing flow.

Digital Marketing Agency

A great digital marketing campaign will help enterprise organizations achieve a global impact and broaden their reach to different demographics. Successful businesses can also have a positive impact on the communities they’re based in.

Some advertising agencies incorporate all forms of advertising, from commercials to print to trade shows and digital efforts. However, enterprise clients may not have the success with these one-stop-shop agencies that their smaller counterparts have, as the digital department of the organization may not have honed their expertise in purely online initiatives. Plus, many of these companies have one established digital marketing strategy, and may not be innovative.

An agency purely dedicated to online digital efforts is one that’s focused on all aspects of internet marketing, from social media encounters to creating cohesive branding strategies. These agencies can also help with website development, both creating a professional appearance and determining scalability, which allows the site to grow as traffic increases, without sacrificing user experience.

Determining digital marketing strategies means identifying target customers and their needs. Digital marketing solutions to meet these needs can vary by brand, and within each brand different marketing ideas are used to speak to each buyer persona. Approaching the audience in the right way can either make a digital strategy successful and engaging or fall flat and seem forced.

Many consumers now want to have a relationship with a brand, looking for transparency in business practices and an authentic brand voice. Crating a dialogue between brand and customer is the key to developing repeat customers and those that loyally engage with the brand.

Marketing Ideas

Some of the best marketing ideas are collaborative, with a creative team bouncing ideas off one another, developing a few strategies, and then testing them across different marketing channels. Focus groups made up of different buyer persona profiles can help marketing teams find the right ideas that “click” with customers.

One of the largest challenges with enterprise brands, as we’ve said before, is getting the buy-in from the C-level team who may be content with the established digital marketing strategy. While these executives aren’t involved in every step of the marketing campaign development, it’s important to have them as part of the final approval before each launch.

If your enterprise client doesn’t have governance in place for digital marketing, finding the right people for approval and initiative is an important first step. Funneling your campaigns and long-term strategies through these people is key to developing that ongoing relations ship with your enterprise organization.


Many brands use a savvy marketing team to develop digital marketing strategies that represent the brand voice. Marketing a big brand is a full-time job and one that many business professionals trust for expert enterprise organizations.

Enterprise Businesses Need Customized Solutions...That's All We Do!

Since 2009, we have helped many enterprise businesses grow strategically. Let us do it for you!

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