In today’s society, there are many portable options of storage to choose from, but there is only one SMARTBOX. A subsidiary of SIRVA, one of the largest moving networks in the world, SMARTBOX is continuously growing, and is dedicated to providing each and every customer with moving and storage solutions they can count on.

SMARTBOX came to us at an important time for their business. They had seen continual growth but just not at the trajectory they expected and hoped for. Since 2002, SMARTBOX had primarily portrayed themselves as a portable storage solution. However, they knew that they were missing out on a great deal of business opportunities by not also tapping into the moving industry.

They were looking for an agency that could help guide them through corporate re-branding and also grow their organic presence.

  • 210.22%

    Increase in Conversions

  • 155.95%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

  • 226%

    Increase in Markets Expanded

The Challenge

The objectives for SMARTBOX were clear, they had 4 core goals that were most important to them and that our performance would be judged on:

  1. Provide Strategic SEO Guidance: Lead them through the SEO challenges and thought process of the rebranding of their business and messaging. (This included the changing of their domain name and the SEO implications of that to ensure no loss of current organic presence.)
  2. Grow Organic Traffic
  3. Increase Lead Flow
  4. Help expand the brand into new markets



Case Study Section Image
Case Study Section Image

The Solution

HigherVisibility immediately got to work on the campaign by developing a comprehensive strategy that would satisfy the objectives set forth by SMARTBOX. Our strategy was made up of the following tactics:

Assisted client with the changing of their domain name from to which included properly redirecting the old brand to the new brand.

Conducted competitive research in the storage & moving space and identify both short term attainable opportunities in addition to long term opportunities we could work towards.

Continuously Perform Technical On-Page Audit to identify any/all issues that could be affecting the website’s ability to rank.

Audited Backlink profile and Disavow files: we wanted to ensure the backlink profile was sound and there were no quality links being disavowed that needed to be reclaimed.

Linkable Asset Ideation & Creation: Our team developed an ideation deck for creating several linkable assets for SMARTBOX based on our research of what is appropriate for their industry. The purpose of the linkable asset is to aid in our link building outreach.

Link Prospecting, Outreach & Acquisition: The link building department continuously performs research to build out link prospects. We do this through a variety of different ways: unlinked brand mentions, competitor research, co-citation, link reclaiming, resource driven outreach, etc. From there we perform outreach to our prospects to acquire links and finally report on the wins.

Content Development: A great deal of effort and strategy has gone into the development of content for SMARTBOX. After auditing the website, we were able to determine the site was suffering from “low quality” content. The first step of our content strategy was to prune any content that no longer added value. Followed by rewriting content to better match the user intent of different pages. One of the key tactics that was employed was the creation of comparison pages comparing SMARTBOX to PODS® and U-Haul and take advantage of the traffic those brands were generating. Employing this tactic resulted in those 2 pages being some of the most trafficked pages on the website.

CTR Testing & Optimization: We regularly analyze the Click Through Rate of SMARTBOX and identify pages that fall below the base average and work to rewrite title tags and meta descriptions to increase the CTR of those pages. We have employed this tactic since day 1 and have seen a dramatic increase in organic traffic because of being consistent with our approach.

The Results


Increase in Conversions

Data based on YOY results.


Increase in Organic Traffic

Data based on YOY results.


Increase in Markets Expanded

Data based on YOY results.

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