Restoration Roofing

For over 17 years. Restoration Roofing has been serving Memphis and its surrounding areas as the area’s premier roofing contractor.

Having extensive experience working with many large multi-family buildings & management firms, they have been vetted tirelessly and use that proven track record to provide the highest quality roofing services to residential homeowners.

  • 162%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

  • 400%

    Increase in Conversions

  • 164.89%

    Increase in Organic Visibility

The Challenge

Although Restoration Roofing had been in operation since 2000, they wanted to help take the business to the next level. They were trying to handle their website and SEO all in-house. They came to the realization that they were spending so much time focusing on managing their website and improving their SEO that they were not able to focus on the actual business and thus they hadn’t experienced the growth they would have liked.

Based on this HigherVisibility was tasked with 3 distinct goals to help reinvigorate Restoration Roofing:

  1. Redesign the website to give it a more polished, professional feel.
  2. Grow Organic Traffic
  3. Increase Lead Flow
Case Study Section Image
Case Study Section Image

The Solution

Our approach to meet the goals set forth by Restoration Roofing were based on developing a strategy using the following tactics:

  • Performed preliminary research and developed a strategic plan for the redesigned website.
  • Created prototype concepts based on our discussions & recommended approach.
  • Developed the approved concepts and launched the website.
  • Having the ability to build the website, we were able to do so with SEO in mind. This enabled us to ensure the website was technically sound from the onset.
  • Conducted competitive research by looking at other roofing companies in the local Memphis market to determine SEO opportunities.
  • Linkable Asset Ideation & Creation: Our team developed an ideation deck for creating several linkable assets for Restoration Roofing based on our research of what is appropriate for their industry. The purpose of the linkable asset is to aid in our link building outreach.
  • Link Prospecting, Outreach & Acquisition: The link building department continuously performs research to build out link prospects. We do this through a variety of different ways: unlinked brand mentions, competitor research, co-citation, link reclaiming, resource driven outreach, etc. From there we perform outreach to our prospects to acquire links and finally report on the wins.
  • Conversion Testing: After we were able to build up the traffic coming into the website, we were then able to begin performing usability and conversion testing. This has enabled our team to continuously test new experiments to ensure the website is converting leads as effectively as possible thus resulting in Higher ROIs.

The Results


Increase in Organic Traffic

Data based on YOY results.


Increase in Conversions

Data based on YOY results.


Increase in Organic Visibility

Data based on YOY results.

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